Traffic Problems

Now days, controlling the traffic becomes major issue because of rapid increase in automobiles and also because of large time delays between traffic lights.

So, in order to rectify this problem, we will go for density based traffic lights system.

Smart Solutions

  • Traffic on road is mainly handled by localtraffic police.
  • Signal on the road should be check up to date and should be made whenever it is need.
  • One should stop on road until the timer of signals get complete.
  • In the security process there should be a small CCTV camera.

Wireless Traffic Light Controller

  • The best type of function.
  • All the signal poles are connected to each other.
  • This will also help in control of traffic.


Automatic Mode

  • The IR sensor senses how msny vechiles are crossing on the correspondingside.All the sensors send the corresponding output signal to microcontroller.
  • The LCD display is used to indicate the side through which the vehicle has to be passed.
  • The microcontroller compares which road side is the highest density (i.e, more vehicles) and it delivers the corresponding signal to LED driver circuits.
  • The LED driver circuit enables the LED to display for particular time depends on traffic density.


  • When this type of system is followed, we are sure that we can control the traffic to certain extent.
  • From this system, we can free up the traffic in the VIP's traveling road by wireless.
  • There is a key pad connected remotly to control that.for each key present in that the corresponding road will be free up and other roads are blocked.

IR Sensors


  • The project is mainly used in the traffic signals.
  • It is a boon to the automobiles so that there are many advantages.
  • It can be implemented on some other areas where we need wireless transmission.
  • It is implemented in the traffic signal also for monitoring the vechiles if there is any misues it will automatically know.


  • The project may be very well used in where the traffic signal is kept and in many other places where we need to full fill the need of the automation.In the future we implement the project's idea in the industries.
  • By using this project in future we can know traffic density in the city and so that remedies can be made according to that.